The Book Stops Here!

Many professionals are urged to write as a method of marketing.

Publishing can be an important boost to one’s status and credibility. This is an outstanding method of demonstrating your expertise.

There are many examples of this in the legal profession. Today’s LA Daily Journal highlights one such example. In an article entitled “The Book Stops Here: Treatises Identify Firm,” the law firm of Miller Starr Regalia, a northern California real estate law firm, is featured. Their seminal work, the highly regarded Miller Starr California Real Estate Book, is known far and wide, even outside California boundaries. Since its first publication in 1965, the book has grown to 12 volumes and is highly regarded as an encyclopedia of California real estate law.

Not only does the firm receive a respectable revenue flow, more important benefits result. One is  greater respect for all of its attorneys in the court room. After all, if your firm is the leading authority on the law and is cited by courts in making their decisions, you start with an advantage over your adversary. Also, clients want to be represented by the leading authority. Thus, their revenue is greater than it would otherwise be.

Think about what your expertise is, who your target market is and how you might best reach your market. Publishing is only one approach.


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