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Some have taken me to task for suggesting that operating a blog is part of your business and, consequently, it’s o.k. to have help in writing your blog.  This is especially true if you consider that blogging is a marketing tool and you are a busy practitioner, helping clients meet their challenges and achieve their goals. Just as it is o.k. to have a marketing expert write a firm brochure for you, it is likewise o.k. to have someone help you write your blog.

Christy Burke, a marketing and public relations expert in  New York, has the following comment on this subject in a new article: "…If you have decided to start a blog, consider teaming up with another attorney to share the writing workload, hire a freelance writer to help you when you’re swamped, or stockpile a number of “canned” posts which are not time-sensitive and can be used when no news items are coming up in your field .."

There is nothing in the Rules of Professional Conduct to prevent this; there is nothing in the Rules to prevent another person from writing a brief to which you affix your name as the author (you are still the responsible attorney); and there is nothing in the Rules to prevent someone from editing your work. Nor is there a requirement that you disclose who assisted you in the performance of your obligations and work product. The point is to produce quality work, address the expectations and challenges of your clients, and earn a profit to be able to pay the folks who work for you and feed your family (that’s called running a business!).


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