ABA Tech Show

At its annual technology fest in Chicago, the American Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Section once again displays its value to the legal profession … and its skill in throwing a great party.

As I walked around the Hilton Hotel, the new site for the show, I met many folks that I have known for years and some new folks as well. It is in these walks around the Exhibit Hall and elsewhere at the Show that I learn the most.

Once again, though, I realize that it’s the people you know that is the most important element to growing one’s business … Competence is presumed. But, when people like and trust you, they will help you grow, they will teach you valuable lessons about your business … and they make it a joy to attend conferences such as this.  And, if they happen to be customers/clients of you, they will be loyal to you, you will be able to count on their business for your firm’s growth.

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