“The road to success is always under construction.”

I was recently reminded of Lily Tomlin’s sentiment.  One of the greatest attributes of the legal profession, aside from its being a loving, caring profession, is that we continue to learn new things every day! I suppose that’s one reason to call it a "practice."

But, when we continue to learn, we also know that there is a lot still to learn. This tends to impact one’s self-esteem. In talking with several psychologists and organizational development experts, poor self-esteem is one of the greatest challenges to lawyers.

Recognizing that this is a lifelong journey may take the pressure off of current feelings about one’s skills and self-esteem. That, also, may make one more sensitive to clients’ needs and less aggressive with opposing counsel. Civility (a major Bar initiative) comes with self-confidence, which also tends to reduce costs for clients.

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