Social networking – Even for Airstreams

Have you ever heard of giving a war and no one came? 

How about going to a Vintage Airstream Rally with no Airstream? 

That’s just what we did! Our vintage (1969) 27′ Airstream Overlander was broad-sided on December 30th last year and then totaled by the insurance company earlier this year. Thus, we are bereft. I use that word advisedly. My wife really is bereft at not having our SteSpot at ready!

But, despite that, we went to Albuquerque this week-end to spend time with folks that we’ve gotten to know and like … and view others’ vintage rigs. Our “new” vintage 1968 28′ Airstream Ambassador is currently under construction and we thought that perhaps we’ll see things we just must have in the new trailer.

How can I use the two words, vintage and new, in the same context? Well, the skin of the trailer is 1968, but the inside will be all new. We have stripped it to the ground, literally, and started over with brand new equipment. So, my wife’s passion for old will appear to the world as an old skin buffed to a bright sheen and my enjoyment of the new will be inside, which is where I spend my time.

In the meantime, we’ve met more folks and, as my wife said, “networked” with the Airstream world. Or in the context of lawyers’ recent awareness, expanded our “social network.”

Whether you social network in LinkedIn, MyFacebook, or other social networks, or meet people at places you frequent or in activities you love to do, connecting with people is the way to build your law practice. People seek people they like; they do business with people they like; they like to do business with people who have similar interests.  What’s yours? What are you doing to extend the reach of your passions and the people who will know to refer business to you when they have challenges you can address?

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