Naked Airstream

Have you ever wondered what an Airstream looks like, naked? Those of you who have followed our Airstream saga know that it became a target for another vehicle, and the Airstream was totalled.  My wife decided we need to buy another one, quickly. So, we bought another old Airstream, actually a year older. We now have a 1968 28′ Ambassador. And we are engaged in an “extreme makeover.” The trailer has been taken down to its frame … when finished, the only thing “old” will be the shell, windows and frame. Thus, my wife will have a vintage trailer and I’ll have a new, “tricked-out” modern trailer.

When completed, I’ll start planning a cross-country trip. My goal: Travel across the United States with my truck and trailer, and both coach/consult and conduct seminars in the communities through which we travel. (BTW, if you want a seminar in your city, please call or write me so I can include you in my plans.)

This photo shows the inside of our current trailer, taken down to its basics – the frame and inside of the skin (shell)!


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