Common traits for successful people

In a recent interview, authors of Kickstart – How Successful Candians Got Started talk about how they got the idea for their new book. They also share the traits that all the successful interviewees seemed to share:
1.   They love what they do
       This means that they aren’t "working," they’re "playing" — Long hours do not become burdensome, but and extension of the joy they take in what they do. If you’re going to put in long hours, you ought to be enjoying the time.

2.   They’re persistent and focused on what they do
      This means that they don’t allow distractions to take them away from their vision.

3.   They’re "pushy" about getting to the top of their respective endeavors.
      This means they are assertive and directive when needed.

Good traits to have in any field to be successful.  A new associate in a law firm would do well to learn these lessons, and more that you can glean from the 70 interviews (including a Canadian Supreme Court Justice) in the book.


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