Respect for the law

We’re taught that "respect for the law" is an underlying foundation for our society.

In a recent case, the courts have denied a law license to a Michigan applicant because he said he has no respect for the Michigan court that fails to protect the civil liberties of plaintiffs. 

"Lawrence says he holds the Michigan court system in low regard because a majority of Michigan Supreme Court justices have been hostile to civil rights plaintiffs. He says he doesn’t regret answering truthfully when the character and fitness committee asked about his political beliefs, and he would do it again."  (ABA Journal)

Shouldn’t the justices have recused themselves in this matter, since their reputation was what they were deciding?  Obviously, they didn’t think so.  The question being asked now is what Mr. Lawrence thinks of the judicial system?  Shouldn’t the question be:  What happened to the First Amendment and the right to hold an unpopular opinion? Was this really moral turpitude?

How can others respect the law with decisions such as this?


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