“No regrets – I gave it my best shot”

Tonight, ABC did a program about Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon University computer professor who recently died of cancer. His “last lecture” has become famous, is a book and apparently will be a movie in the near future.

His story is inspiring. His last comment: When you walk off the field, can you say that you gave it your best shot, that you “left it on the field,” and that you have no regrets, even if the end result was not as you would have liked.  One of his last comments was to say that he waited until the age of 39 to marry because it took him that long to find a woman whom he loved more than himself. The love and support between these two humans, and their children, also, was a joy to witness.

His comment is an outstanding rule for life, a mantra to live by … and it’s also a very good rule for your law practice. Are you truly committed to your and your law firm’s success? Are your clients the focus of your attention and your primary concern? Can the circle of your joy be extended to include your colleagues and staff? Do you have a toxic law firm environment? What can you do to eliminate this toxicity?  What can you do to have a life and a law business you enjoy and value?

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