Social networking for lawyers


Nick Abrahams, chair of the Sydney, Australia office of Deacons, which has branches throughout Asia, discussed his firm’s survey on technology.

The survey, among other things, that "If you’re over 35, you’re the loneliest person on Facebook because only 1 percent of workers in that age group are using it."  But a quarter of the survey respondents between 25 and 34 are on Facebook, he said, and for workers under 25, the rate of Facebook users increases to a third of those surveyed.

It is still early to discern how the new social networking sites will impact a law firm’s marketing efforts; but, it is clear that these sites will not disappear in the new future … and lawyers will need to pay attention to whether these sites can benefit them in the market places in which they operate.

I don’t think we’ve yet got to the "tipping point" in this phenomenon, though we seem to be getting closer and closer with ever greater speed.

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