More Secrets of The Business of Law®

In this follow-up companion volume to Ed Poll’s highly praised first Secrets collection, you’ll learn how to be even more efficient, more effective and more profitable in your practice. You’ll get topflight tips for how to:

  • Collaborate with clients
  • Succeed in collecting your fees
  • Open your own law office
  • Maximize the return on your technology investment
  • Make the most of outsourcing services
  • Exceed your clients’ expectations
  • Fine-tune disaster and recovery planning
  • Build a Weblog strategy
  • Raise your rates
  • And a whole lot more

“You don’t see many stories about legal firms making change work! Help is on the way. Ed Poll’s book is a must read for any leader who wants to win at the great game of business!” – Terry Paulson, PhD, columnist, business speaker, and author of They Shoot Managers Don’t’ They?

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