Rules of Professional and Beautiful Lawyers

The September 15th edition of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly has two articles, one on top of the other, each with the photograph of a rather attractive woman. No sexism intended here, but this is the oldest tactic in the business to sell newspapers! 

The first article discusses a proposed change in a Massachusetts rule of professional conduct that would require a successor contingency fee lawyer to be responsible for the predecessor counsel’s fee, unless there is an agreement to the contrary in effect. Obviously, this rule has prompted controversy. Lawyers in Massachusetts should be quite wary of this proposed rule and make their voices heard.

The second article features a well-endowed lawyer who will be the cover photograph for the 2009 Beautiful Lawyers Calendar, featuring 12 lawyers “who reportedly embody ‘the style and spirit’ of the Massachusetts bar.”  If other states do not follow suit, there may be a heavy influx of male lawyers to Massachusetts. And if other states do follow suit, we may see the beginning of the demise of either Sports Illustrated bathing suit issue or Playboy!

Note to my readers: After my previous post about our economic and political systems collapsing around us, I had to attempt some levity, even if not PC … In advance, I ask for forgiveness, hoping you will see the humor in this as I do. Perhaps, though, you need to read the newspaper to get the full impact of my reaction. <g>

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