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Extend the Reach of Your Rain Making Using Web 2.0


VENICE, CALIF. October 14, 2008—Law management guru, Ed Poll, JD, MBA, CMC, and social networking guru, David Nour, will present a free webinar for managing partners and law firm administrators on October 28, 2008 at 12:00PM (PST). The webinar will show listeners how they can extend the reach of their business development activities using social media strategies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Second Life, and Plaxo.

Webinar host, Ed Poll, is a nationally recognized management consultant who has helped to transform many law practices into profitable and successful businesses. Featured guest, David Nour, is a social networking strategist and author of Relationship Economics (Wiley, 2008). In this webinar, the hosts will show listeners how to develop a meaningful online presence on social networking sites that enhance online visibility and search engine ranking, modernize business development by bringing it into the 21st century and increase profitability.

This one-hour presentation will provide an overview of LinkedIn: the ultimate business-to-business social networking platform, and discuss how to create a content-rich profile that will position a law firm or an individual practitioner on one of the networking platforms to enhance prospective client outreach and provide quality information about the services offered.

Additionally, the webinar will discuss the best practices used by social networkers on how to handle stagnated relationships, unanswered requests, unsolicited invitations and how not to abuse the system. Content covered in the webinar will also include the more advanced strategies of social networking, including advanced search techniques for a more targeted effort, turning answers into alliances, knowledge management, and the value of premium memberships.

For more information on how to register for the webinar, held on October 28, 2008 at 12:00 PM (PST), please visit

About Ed Poll

Ed Poll, JD, MBA, CMC, is a nationally recognized expert in law practice management. He helps attor­neys and law firms increase their profitability, consulting with them on issues of internal operations, business development, and financial matters. Ed brings his clients a solid background in both law and business. He has 25 years experience as a practicing attorney and has also served as CEO and COO for several manufac­turing businesses. In 1990 he founded LawBiz® Management Company and is now focused on coaching, speaking, and training law firms.

 Ed is the author of numerous publications that have become the definitive works in the field and has just released his newest book Law Firm Fees & Compensation: Value & Growth Dynamics (LawBiz® Management Co., 2008). He is also a columnist for the Association of Legal Administrators and contributes the “LawBiz® Coach’s Corner” to Lawyers Weekly.

About David Nour

David Nour is a social networking strategist and one of the foremost thought leaders on the quantifiable value of business relationships. In a global economy that is becoming increasingly disconnected, BeOne Now is solving global client challenges with intracompany, as well as externally focused, Strategic Relationship Planning™.

David is the author of Relationship Economics (Wiley, 2008) and What Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Raising Capital (Praeger, 2009), a senior management advisor, and a featured speaker for corporate, association and academic forums, where he shares his knowledge and experience as a leading change agent and catalyst for Relationship Economics® – the art and science of business relationships.

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