Poll to teach at Solo Practice University

I will teach at a new school, an on line school that will teach law school members and lawyers …

There is no organization so focused on the sole practitioner as is the Solo Practice University. I am thrilled to participate with Susan Cartier Liebel in implementing her concept and offer guidance to those who represent more than 70% of private practitioners in the legal profession.

Law schools do not teach law students to be sole practitioners; they will get the sense of the arena in which most lawyers operate today and will increasingly practice in the future. As larger firms begin to refine their needs, and to release more attorneys than in past years, more lawyers will move toward solo practice. They will need the skills that Solo Practice University will offer.  My hope is that our law practice management offerings will advance both the economics and the satisfaction with the practice that these lawyers will experience.

Not only will we talk about the principles of successful law practice, we will offer coaching service to address specific challenges facing individual enrollees.  Check it out and come join us.


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