There are seasons for lawyers

Some time ago, I wrote that lawyers have seasons in their practices. Today, I received a note from Lawyers Weekly USA in which they confirm that family law lawyers are saying that January is proving to be a boon month.  While spouses didn’t file for divorce in December because of the children and holidays, January is a different story … and the stresses caused by the holidays are just too much to handle any longer. So, they file for divorce.

Bankruptcy lawyers may be facing a bonanza that goes beyond a month, or even a year, if our current crises are not resolved soon.

And on down the list. Each practice area has its own time of year. You’ve got to be sensitive to it and plan accordingly, both for your financial stability as well as your marketing efforts.

On the other hand, I spoke with a lawyer today in the Northeast who said that everything and everyone is starving to death … that economic activity has come to a halt! I made some suggestions … the final one of which was to take a vacation. Stay home, relax and wait until after January 20th … Things will change.  While you’re relaxing, think about what new practice area opportunities might exist in your area, read and study so as to enter a new practice area and/or enhance your current skills even further.

Use this time to refresh your energy, enhance your skills … and, by the way, connect with former clients to find out how they’re doing and what they’re doing to survive and perhaps thrive. You might learn some interesting lessons from your own clients. And, while not selling to them in this contact, you just might refresh their memory of you and receive some new business. With time on your hands, you certainly have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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