Life’s Lessons from the Superbowl

Mimi Donaldson is a football fan (who knew?), but a major fan!  She was glued to the television and, while the game was on, came up with the following life’s lessons from the game:

Immediate need:
What do we do for money right now?
Here are 3 tips we can learn from last Sunday’s Super Bowl to help us manage in these troubled times.

Ben Roethlisberger, the winning quarterback, extended many plays with tremendous focus and presence of mind. Larry Fitzgerald, a brilliant wide receiver, turned the game around with a long touchdown run because he looked for an opening and never looked back.

Lesson – We need to focus on the value of our product and service, stay calm in the face of doubters, and look for an opening for success — and never look back!

At the end of the first half, James Harrison intercepted the ball and returned it 100 yards (the length of the field) for a touchdown with the longest run in Super Bowl history. The interception changed the context of the game and shifted the momentum.

Lesson – This is not in the traditional job description of a linebacker (he needed oxygen afterwards). In our businesses, we need to do something different now; attend a meeting you’ve never attended; look for an opportunity in a non-traditional place.

Santonio Holmes caught the winning touchdown. But he had dropped a sure touchdown pass just moments before. He begged his quarterback for one more chance – telling him, “Please let me get this game for you.” Each man respected the finality of the play before. They did not allow it to affect the next play.

Lesson – We need to shake off our past mistakes and the alarming economic forecast, and recognize that each moment is a new moment of now.

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