Yes, Joe, the plumber, needs more education than lawyers

Bruce Crist, mentioned in my previous blog post, sent me another note.  Seems I’m wrong again. Smile

I mentioned that California attorneys are required to take 12.5 hours per year. The actual requirement is that lawyers receive 25 hours (down from 36 by recent amendment) of MCLE approved education. That works out to be, according to C.P.A. Bruce, 8.33 hours per year.

And Bruce admits that this is less than plumbers are required to take in MA.  SmileBruce says now that plumbers are required to have 44% more education than most lawyers. Taking a line from Bruce, "… and the point is?"  I made my point earlier. 

Bruce, thanks for the "joust" and for reading my article.

Have a great day!


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