Budgeting for the law firm

Budgeting for the law firm … and budgeting for individual client matters (both litigation and transactional) has been an important tool for success for the law firm on the one hand and controlling legal costs for ton the other.

Incisive Media’s LegalTech West Coast panel will discuss how budgeting can be most effectively used by those who have ignored it in the past … A “why” and “how” session at a fast pace. Further, unless one bills for services, one doesn’t get paid … My mother used to say “You don’t get something unless you ask for it.” And without collections, you cannot keep the lights on or food on the table.  This discussion will also focus on billing for work done, hoping to suggest collection tips as well. “Bottom line,” this is a numbers game that lawyers need to learn and be more effective. If not, they will not survive, let alone thrive.

Join me as moderator of an outstanding panel in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 25th.


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