Take time for R & R

The last month has been a bit rough.

We buried my sister-in-law in Oak Grove, MO, just outside of KC.

On returning home, my son-in-law went to the hospital with a heart attack. It was mild an he’s doing fine now. He’s eager to get back on his bike.

My brother-in-law had chest pains and went to the hospital with chest pains, announcing that he would die in the same hospital as his wife just did. He’s physcially fine but in deep depression over the loss of his wife of more than 50 years.

And last Friday, while I was out of town, flying to a conference, my wife went to the hospital with chest pains. She, too, is now fine; all the tests proved negative. Doctor’s prescription: R & R.

So, we’re taking a few days in our just delivered Airstream trailer, or as my wife calls it, her "cocoon." Thanks for your good wishes and support.

Funny, Paula changed our food regimen about 4, 5 weeks ago … we’re now vegan/vegetarian … no meat, chicken or dairy … seemed like that would have been impossible … but she’s cooking up a storm and I haven’t eaten so well, ever! My mother, who in her youth was vegetarian (my father was meat and potatoes, and occasional tomatoes as his only vegetable), would be turning over in her grave if she were able to see how well I’m eating now. Paula has lost weight already, probably about 10 pounds though we don’t know for sure because she doesn’t know her starting point … and I’ve lost about 6-7 pounds … without losing energy (and I’m faster on my bike) or strength …

I’ve asserted that there is no "balance" in life; at any given moment, we are focused on one activity or thought. But, we live one life and we must think holistically, taking time each day or each week, to rest and take care of ourselves. We are living in very stressful time with tremendous economic pressure. Without our health, we have little. Paraphrasing the commercial, please take care of yourself. I’d like you to come back here to read more.


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