Watch Your Face – book, that is

Florida’s Bar Board of Bar Examiners, through its Character and Fitness Commission, will examine applicants’ Facebook and MySpace websites under certain circumstances, such as where there previously was substance abuse and the like.  Why they don’t do it in all cases is not explained … but the Bar has been notified, Beware! Big Brother will be watching to see if you express remorse and are rehabilitated.

I wonder how many other bar associations are doing this without any announcement … Seems to me that social networking media is public and no permission is required to review your public pronouncements, whether for initial application or even license recertification. And what impact will this have with the Bar … or even for an adversary in some matter for a client. This is the downside of the internet for some who take a more light-hearted or flippant approach to this media … it is more than a personal expression. It can have professional consequences. Beware!



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