There is no “I” in Team

Yesterday, a jury rendered a unanimous verdict in a very much watched criminal trial in Los Angeles Superior Court. This wasn’t so spectacular as the O.J. Simpson trial, but to those involved, it was equally dramatic.

The courtroom gallery was filled to capacity Monday as a jury of seven women and five men announced it had convicted former emergency room doctor Christopher Thomas Thompson of assaulting a pair of cyclists last year by abruptly stopping his car in front of them. The jury found that Dr. Thompson ignored the rules of his profession and allowed road rage against cyclists in general to get the better of him in attacking two cyclists in particular. He will now pay the penalty.

So, too, lawyers must share the road … involve staff and clients in the development of strategy and implementation of tactics in order to provide the best and most effective representation for the client. As I said in another context, there is no "I" in Team … and teams almost always achieve better results.


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