Press coverage is good

My father, when I first started my law practice, gave me sage advice: Be by the phone when a customer calls.’

The same advice is true for when the press calls for they have deadlines that generally can’t be moved. If they reach you, you are likely to get quoted. If they don’t reach you, you’ll read someone else’s quote.

This week, I was fortuitously by the phone when two reporters called.

The article in the LA Times (and the following day in the Chicago Tribune, the Times’ parent) was about Facebook. rolleyes.gif

The article was about the employment plight of recent law school graduates.

Very cool to sit by the phone and actually have it ring with a reporter at the other end.

Of course, reporters don’t call people who have little expertise. The challenge, then, is to increase one’s expertise and to increase the awareness of that expertise by others. As marketing folks have told me for years, it’s a "snowball effect." Once the ball starts rolling, others will see who you are … learn how much you have to offer your client base … and then seek you out even more.

Thanks go to all of my clients and readers.


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