Solos are mistreated by the Bar

The following is a comment from a very successful consultant, Alan Weiss, one who has had experience with both large corporations and individual executives and consultants: "Small businesses employ far more people than major corporations, and they create many more net, new jobs than do Fortune 1000 companies. They are the real engine of the economy. … They are poorly treated at the moment by the banks and the government."

Sole practitioners and small firms comprise between 65% and 80% of the profession, depending on whose statistics you believe. One would think that the Bar would be advocating for these members and focusing their educational efforts to help this group of lawyers improve the economics of their practices. Somehow, as suggested by Weiss above, this body of lawyers is "poorly treated … "

If a dispute over fees every arises in the future (as it did in the Pete Wilson, California Governor era), don’t be surprised if the Bar fails to garner support from this group.


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