Enjoy life while you can

Ed Flitton, 67, formerly the managing partner of Holland & Hart in Colorado and the Finance chair of the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section, died suddenly while at the ABA’s LegalTech Show.  I was there and just saw Ed on Friday, the day before he died.  While I remember thinking he looked a bit more tired and a bit older than his usual self, there was no indication of illness. Wow! What a shocker!

This gives more meaning to two guiding principles that I do my best to live by, sometimes more successfully than others:  i) Do what you enjoy doing; life is not split into work and personal lives. Life is one and enjoy what you do or go do something else.  ii) Take care of yourself, no one else will. Eat well (healthy), exercise and get up every morning with a smile.

No one knows what tomorrow (heck, the balance of today) will bring. If you’re doing what you enjoy, then when the time comes, you’ll at least be in a good place. My condolences go out to the Flitton family.


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