Life is not a circle

The "circle of life" is a concept I’ve heard a lot about throughout my life. To me, that means that you start in the world as a baby with dependency on others … and you end your life with dependency on others. But, there is a difference. When you enter the world, you have a certain DNA pattern that will enable you to grow, learn, develop and contribute to others. By the time you are on the other side of the spectrum, you have contributed mightily to the betterment of others in many ways.

Note that I used the word, "spectrum." This infers a straight line, or at least the absence of a circle. John Wooden, dead just a scant 4 months before reaching 100 years of age, is a classic example of having contributed to the well-being of so many people.

Life is not circular. We need not whimper out; we need not abandon ourselves as we age. We can age gracefully and courageously. That is my hope for all of us.




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