Creating a wow experience

What are you doing to create a wow experience for your clients? And I don’t mean winning the case. Have you ever had the experience of walking out of the court room only to hear your client say something like, "Why didn’t we get xxxx?" Of course, you respond by saying you/we got everything we asked for .. everything that the law permits?  You didn’t educate you client along the road from the beginning of the engagement to the point of conclusion.

What can you do to create a wow experience of dealing with you?

I am now in Las Vegas to give their customer law practice management conference keynote presentation. The conference is being held in the Aria Hotel.  The hotel is new (December 2009) in their City Center. Wow! What a facility. Green. Electronics all over the place. Large, bigger than life. This is not just Las Vegas. This is Las Vegas on steroids. And, tomorrow evening, we’ll go to the Cirque show, Elvis, that is playing here. I’ve been to Las Vegas before. But, I’ve never been so impressed … This is not just big, it is beautiful and much more.

Time for me to go .. I get to take my wife to dinner at one of the fine restaurants in LV.


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