Vacation travel — Route 66

After a very busy September … and a very exciting month, indeed … we’re (me, my wife and Bandit) on vacation, traveling in the Airstream en route to the Balloon Festival in NM …  Today, we’re in Williams, AZ. Last night, here, we stopped in to Twisters.  This is a throwback diner to the 50’s … on Route 66.

The pricing on the menu ends in 66 as in $5.66.  And an old Ford Fairlane sits in front. This place is a hoot, creating all kinds of memories for me.

But, the best is their chocolate malted milk shakes … make with chocolate ice cream and served in a tall glass … and with the stainless steal canister in which it’s made. This means 2 1/2 glasses of a great tasting malt. A friend told us of this place and it’s one of the best recommendations I’ve received. It was so good that I intend to return for one more …. Of course, that will mean the need for a longer bike ride to burn off the calories … Hey, you only go around once, right?



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