Travel provides opportunities

We are approaching the end of our vacation.  We left Albuquerque’s Balloon Festival (its 39th year) and then went to Canyon de Chelly in AZ.  A unique experience. On our way out, we stopped at the Hubbell Trading Post, operated in the Navajo Nation by the Hubbell family until about 1964.  From there, we traveled toward Flagstaff on Hwy 40 with the intent to go to Williams (for an outstanding chocolate malted milk) and then to Prescott , AZ to spend time with friends.

En route, however, we heard that there had been 3 tornadoes between Flagstaff and Williams. We got off the highway, waited for an hour … and after we were told that the DOT could not predict the weather for the balance of the day, we decided to go south instead of west.

I had to sacrifice my malted milk … oh well. I had two in Williams the week before.  As we traveled south, we bordered the tornado path but missed it. The rain was heavy and we hoped we could also escape hail.  We lucked out, although we did stop under some underpasses when the rain was so heavy we could not see.

We’re safe and o.k.  And tomorrow, we start our last stage en route home. 

Stuff happens when you’re planning. Success is the intersection of preparation and luck. And preparation must include flexibility, the ability to change as circumstances change. Perhaps we can think of such changes as "change orders" in the construction industry. There are many paths to achieve our goals.


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