I’m back – Costa Rica is exquisitely beautiful!

Back from a great adventure to Central America, Costa Rica to be specific! It was a great time. Joined by my cousin, we spent 10 days traveling from one side of the country to the other, experiencing a variety of different environments. Our trip was like tasting various appetizers rather than eating one entry.

Following are several of my impressions:

This is a country of beauty and contrasts. Poverty and crime is apparent in the cities while there is exquisite beauty and serenity in the countryside. "Pura vida" is the country’s motto, meaning "life is good."  There are major resorts (such as J.W. Marriott) on the Pacific Coast, taking advantage of the scenery and water for surfing and other water sports. The Coast area has been in constant development over the last 20 years, attracting many Americans for vacation and retirement.

The Rain Forest on the other side of the country is a rich eco-system and nationalization of much of these areas are designed to protect the country’s and world’s future.  The power and influence of Google was demonstrated recently. In the northeast part of the country, part of the Rain Forest area, Google’s map drew the boundary between Nicaragua and Costa Rica south of the line that has been deemed to be the boundary between the two countries. (According to our guide.) Nicaragua moved its army to claim, and has continued to claim, a significant segment of this territory. Despite Google later admitting its error,  Nicaragua still refuses to withdraw.

Costa Rica dissolved its army in 1948. Several countries offered to send military forces to help Costa Rica, but the country has rejected this … preferring instead to seek a peaceful solution. Let’s hope they succeed.

The country’s literacy rate is among the highest in the world. With this, there is a focus on the country’s people and their well-being.  Their health system is available to all. The challenges for the future of Costa Rica are the same as those of all developed countries including an aging population, economics of social security, etc.


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