Groundhog Day, Customer Service and Lawyers, Customer Service – The Differentiator

Have you ever had problems traveling, making connections or finding that weather is a great excuse to be surly to those you serve? If you’ve ever experienced any of these, or a myriad of other issues facing us when we travel, check out my latest commentary on having been stranded in Manhattan, trying to get home from JFK. While bad weather is a legitimate catalyst for scrambling (as in Chicago), just remember that you’re in the business and know these things happen. Be prepared with a good attitude – your customers need all the help and pleasantness they can get.

Thus, as lawyers, you know that your clients will always be in stress. Make sure that you and your staff are pleasant. It will make the relationship go more smoothly … oh, and yes, they will be far more willing to pay your bills timely! Heed this advice only if you understand that you are in The Business of Law®.

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