The Power of the Internet – and an apology

After my last post about customer service, Orbea, the manufacturer of the bike frame I was riding when I was involved in an accident, a company representative contacted me. His explanation for the less than appropriate company response was that it was sent from Spain, the company headquarters, and the sender had challenges with the English language.

Whether this is true, I cannot say. But, Mr. Paul Alexander of the U.S. Orbea arm said that I should visit a local Orbea retailer and I would receive a 15% – 20% discount on a new bike.  He said, "I look forward to getting you back on your bike and leave you a satisfied Orbea cyclist."

Thank you, Mr. Alexander. That should have been the first response from Orbea.  My wife asked for information about the company’s "crash program."  Even an expression of sympathy/concern and a statement that the company doesn’t have a crash program would have sufficed … and saved unfavorable ink in this blog. Commenting on Orbea’s warranty program was not the subject of my wife’s inquiry.

I’m glad to see that the company has recouped so gracefully. Some companies don’t do even that. Some time ago, you may remember that United Airlines committed a major gaff. By not treating their customers with due respect, a song was written about the company and it appeared in the social media. The company stock dropped 10% as a result!  That is still the subject of some discussion.

I’m glad that Orbea represented the cycling industry more professionally and with greater sensitivity on the rebound.

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