Shakespeare lives on … in Ashland

William Shakespeare (middle 1500s)  and Harper Lee (middle 1900s): What did they have in common? Julius Caesar, the play, was about the relationship of individuals to their government; in this example, a small group of people changed history by murdering the leader of Rome. And Harper Lee, in To Kill a Mockingbird, writes about another society’s deep division and the fate of one man determined by a few, the few on the jury, though influenced by the environment’s social mores. Murder is the end result for the individuals and a major shift in the general society in each period.

I saw both plays on the same day. The similarities in concept were remarkable. The uniqueness of the theatrics of each were thrilling. The impact on the audiences was remarkable.

This was a marvelous festival … and the atmosphere surrounding Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival was enthralling. Just walking the streets of Ashland in balmy, sunny weather was a thrill. Now is the time to move on and travel the country with our sponsors, including Fujitsu’s ScanSnap.


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