Spectacular waterways

Last week, while in Idaho for a couple of days, we drove alongside the Lochsa River. Some 25 years ago, I went on what turned out to be my only white water rafting tour. It was great and the Indian meaning of the river’s name, Winding Water, certainly proved to be correct. It was a category 5 river and was absolutely beautiful. Of course, getting knocked out of the raft and into the depths of a swirling river was no fun, but it makes for a great story as long as you survive.

The Lochsa River

It was a pleasant and unexpected drive along the river. My wife is the navigator and I didn’t realize that would be our route that day … after all, I’m a Teamster … I just drive … where I’m told to go … She’s the navigator …  The Lochsa merges into the Clearwater and then into the Snake River. And, if my reading is correct, then into the Columbia. The waterways in this part of the country are spectacular …


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