Can an outsider make your firm more efficient & profitable?

Robert Denney, a well -known and very capable marketing consultant, reports in his monthly newsletter that:  "… an outsider … joins DLA Piper as co-chair of the entire 4,200-lawyer firm.  This is probably an unprecedented move, at least in BigLaw.  Corporations frequently hire senior executives from outside the company – or even from outside their industry – but large law firms almost always elect partners to senior management positions.  In most cases this means they have little senior management experience and must climb a steep learning curve…"

Perhaps the legal profession is approaching reality in letting lawyers do what they do best, lawyering, and leave the managing to professionals. Or, at the very least, engage a professional coach who has walked in their shoes (i.e., practiced law) and also has business experience. The idea of having a business professional at your side, or at least available by phone, works in industry and is beginning to work in the legal profession for mid-size firms as well as sole and small firm practitioners.


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