What is your “end game” for your second season?


To paraphrase Charlie Wilson, Texas Congressman, from the movie, Charlie Wilson’s War, "…we changed the world, but we had no end game…" in Afghanistan. Chaos and catastrophe resulted. This reminds me of so many lawyers who have no "end game." They do not see the end of their law practice until, one day, they awake and decide they want to do something else, or they’re not feeling so good and their doctor tells them they have a "problem." They have not planned for this time; they have not taken their destiny into their own hands. It’s like going to the office without a plan for the day and reacting only when the phone rings.

I think that is what motivated me to write my new book, "Life After Law: What Will You Do With the Next 6000 Days?"  I’ve seen this in so many of my clients; I’ve seen this in my own family. Perhaps I’m guilty of the same sin. But, you needn’t be. Create your own future. Know when you want to retire and what you want to do in your "retirement," your second season, the "next 6000 days" of your life.


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