Do you need a little inspiration to keep going?

Last night, I saw the film, Life of Pi. It was a uniquely inspirational story of survival, a boy on a stranded raft in the Pacific Ocean. There are parallels in today’s legal world where sole and small firm practitioners are struggling in the waves of our economy.

Today, I received a question from a reader, asking the meaning of "specialize or die." I responded that this is a catchy phrase used by those who believe that one can succeed only if they specialize. While it is true that the specialist generally earns more money than does the generalist, there still remains an important place for the generalist … and in a changing economy, the generalist will, again, generally, be more nimble and flexible to provide services in a changing marketplace of ideas.  In both instances, however, there is a struggle to survive … and to thrive. In all cases, however, the lawyer is providing loving and caring help to those in need. Money is merely the by-product.

Today, I also received an email about a cowboy and his dog, named Skidboot, in Texas. It is an incredible story and one of great inspiration. I hope you take the time, about 8 minutes, and enjoy and marvel at the dog as much as I did. This cowboy knows how to do more than survive with the blessings bestowed on him by his dog. I suspect we can all do more to appreciate what we have.




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