Building a bike, made in America‏

"Made in America," a new slogan started by ABC television some time ago is represented by Bike Friday. They are one of the few bike manufacturers left in this country, having been started more than 20 years ago.  Not only do they have a unique product, they also have a unique service creed. See the accompanying photos we took of their operation.
Of course, one cannot photograph service; it’s an intangible. But, it’s the service that creates the goodwill for an organization, it’s the service that builds loyalty, and it’s the service that creates advocates for what you’re selling.  Law practice is no different. I’ve seen "poor" lawyers get return business because their service exceeded expectations; I’ve seen great lawyers lose business because they failed to understand their clients’ wants and failed to provide outstanding (let alone just good) service.  Interestingly enough, clients cannot differentiate among the quality levels of legal capability; but they instantly can recognize levels of service provided.
What are you doing? Share with us what you do with and for your clients to provide outstanding service to them.

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