Pick Up the Phone!

While doom-sayers proclaim that the legal profession’s problem is too many lawyers, practical experience often tells a different story.  A friend recently shared this story with me:

When we needed an immigration attorney, only one returned our calls of enquiry from the several my husband called locally, (she got our business) and when we were looking for a lawyer for wills and other family matters recently, only one was interested in the bread and butter stuff we’re looking for help with.  Couple this with the ‘non-lawyer’ who dealt with our house sale (very efficiently) in the UK, as consumers we see the ‘lawyer’ crisis differently!”

There may be an oversupply of lawyers for jobs at Biglaw (the high paying positions too many law school graduates still want), but the demand (the bread-and-butter business with the Main Street folks who can’t pay $1,000 an hour legal fees) is still there.

My friend’s experience suggests this simple solution for any lawyer worried about having enough business:  pick up the phone! The teachings of my father many years ago come to mind.  When the phone rings, and you respond, you will be hired. But, if you don’t respond, you won’t be hired. This is similar to the adage that if you don’t swing the bat, you can’t hit the ball.

Marketing efforts are designed to make people aware of you and to encourage them to call. But all the effective marketing in the world won’t make up for calls missed or not promptly returned.  Service is fundamental.  If clients want you, it’s because of the quality service you can and should provide.  If you’re there right from the start it shows what you will do going forward.


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