The obvious

Years ago, I wrote that new lawyers preferred to work for law firms that invested in their training so that they could become better lawyers.  Nah, the response was: They want the money. I responded that when you get $100,000 plus as a newly minted lawyer, the money is good, but secondary. And, of course, today just having a job is sufficient. We won’t even talk about the money, even for the top graduates.

A USA Today Snapshot tells us that 61% of those asked prefer managers who invest in the professional development … improved skills is the ladder to improvement, success and higher status in the firm.

My own daughter, in a different field, accepted a position with an organization offering $10,000 less to start. Why? Because of the prestige and teaching skills of that operation. Today, she is at the top of her field as a result. Attitudes haven’t changed that much among today’s young.


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