Safety first

I’m pleased to note that California’s AB 1371, known as the Three Feet for Safety Act, becomes law in 2014. California is the 23rd state to establish a minimum buffer zone around bicycles that ride on public roads. It’s about time! Motorists passing a bike must allow at least three feet of space between the car and the bike, or slow to a safe and reasonable speed. As a cyclist myself,

I know how dangerous the roads can be; in 2011, I was hit by a car making a left turn, failing to yield the right of way to me. The driver just didn’t “see” me.  This literally changed my life and I still feel the impact of that accident. Drivers passing too close is one more problem behavior on the roads, especially with new hybrids that make little or no sound of warning as they approach.

Be careful out there on the roads this holiday season, and always. Selfishly, I want you back as a reader and commentator.  Happy holiday.


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