More on Pricing Practices for Attorneys

Toby Brown, a good friend and previous speaker here at LawBiz® Podcast, is a former director of the Utah State Bar and currently the Director of Strategic Pricing & Analytics for Akin Gump, a top 50 AmLaw law firm.

Toby is at the forefront of developing alternative fees — helping his firm set prices — so that the client and law firm are mutually benefited and act as “partners.” Toby has a great combination of executive level skills in the areas of technology, law and economics.

If you have not listened to it already, make sure you listen to our first interview with Toby Brown on “Pricing Practices for Attorneys” from 9/24/13 about pricing and costing required by lawyers in today’s competitive environment..

Also, check out Toby’s new book, “Law Firm Pricing: Strategies, Roles, and Responsibilities. The publisher will provide all listeners of our podcasts a $50 discount by mentioning the following code: LFP-TBPC1. Also check out the pricing discussion in my new book, Attorney & Law Firm Guide to The Business of Law, 3rd ed., released by the American Bar Association in March 2014 on

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