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Customer service speaks loudly

Customer service is appreciated whenever it occurs. 

My wife and I (and I dare not forget Bandit) are spending a few days in 
Tucson, AZ at the Lazydays RV  Park. 
Gathered with us are close to 100 other Airstream rigs, from trailers, 
to motorhomes ... from new to vintage as is ours. 
The amenities are outstanding and, as usual, it is the people that make 
an experience memorable. 
They go out of their way to be friendly and accommodating. Their brochure 
says that all their employees take weekly service instruction. 

Can you identify a law firm that has done that?

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Lucky 13 – Happy New Year

I hadn’t thought of it before I received Marsha’s email. Next year is 2013! And if you abhor the number 13, you’re in for a long, hard year.  As with Marsha, I also feel that 13 is a lucky number. And a baker’s dozen is 13, a gift of one extra roll.  So, what bonus will come to you this next year?  Marsha provides us with 13 ideas for making next year a good year. Can you add another 13 to will make your life better?

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Multitasking ain’t

In a recent USA Today article, texting and music listening while driving and walking are leading to an increase in the death of pedestrians. People are still talking on the phone and texting while driving, despite the statistics that prove it can be deadly and despite it being against the law.

But now, we have new statistics that show the same result — injury and death — arises from just walking and texting or listening to music and being in "another zone."  All of which confirms that multi-tasking is a misnomer. We can do one thing at a time, not many different things at the same time.

Those who reach the pinnacle of success are able to do many things … but focus on one thing at a time. There just ain’t no such thing as multi-tasking.

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A call to inaction!

Elio Martinez, a friend, makes a good point. Perhaps we need our day of national election to be a national holiday. This may tell us (and the world) that this is an important day, that we should focus on our decision more than we do, and that we are very serious about the decision we make on this very important day.

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What is the most feared word in the English language?

At the end of the day, the value of our law practice is based on our success and the many people we have touched over the years. This is a significant legacy we will leave on retiring from the practice. 

Most lawyers all around the country with whom I’ve spoken don’t understand this and can’t comprehend even the possibility that their many years of effort may actually have produced a monetizeable value of some significance. This value can enhance their retirement. It is a challenge to overcome such deep-seeded beliefs among many Baby-Boomers as they get ready to move on to their second season. This is the difference between personal goodwill and organizational goodwill. There is more of the latter than most people believe.

My conversations have convinced me that the most feared word in the English language is “retirement.” That may contribute to the refusal to consider an alternative to closing the office; we will maintain our office and work until our last breath. It is possible, however, to do both! The sale or merger of your law practice, rather than the closing of the office, should be an alternative that is kept open for your consideration.


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