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Blawg 100 Amici

ABA Journal has just opened it’s 100 best legal blog list. 
This is an annual list, compiled on the basis of votes by readers, of the best blogs that lawyers should know about.  If you enjoy my blawg, please follow this link to nominate it!  Of course, you can also vote for other blog authors too, but please consider voting for mine, and let the editors know why you appreciate it!


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Customer service speaks loudly

Customer service is appreciated whenever it occurs. 

My wife and I (and I dare not forget Bandit) are spending a few days in 
Tucson, AZ at the Lazydays RV  Park. 
Gathered with us are close to 100 other Airstream rigs, from trailers, 
to motorhomes ... from new to vintage as is ours. 
The amenities are outstanding and, as usual, it is the people that make 
an experience memorable. 
They go out of their way to be friendly and accommodating. Their brochure 
says that all their employees take weekly service instruction. 

Can you identify a law firm that has done that?

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New article on LexisHub

I’ve written a new article for LexisNexis, which has recently been published on their site. It’s entitled, "Teaching Associates about Business Development," and in it I explore two fundamental questions firms need to ask when they’re deciding whether to keep an associate: First, is there enough work for the associate to do?  Second, does the associate’s combination of skill and attitude demonstrate potential for bringing clients into the firm?

Take some time to read the article here, then share your thoughts.

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