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The Future of the Legal Profession: Change/Evolution or Disintegration/Elimination

Richard Susskind said:  “What I often say is that the future of law is not Rumpole of the Bailey, and it’s not John Grisham.  It’s not a version of what we have today slightly tweaked.  It will be people working in the legal sector but offering legal services and legal help in new ways.”  It may be the end of the profession as immortalised (sic) in courtroom dramas, but as software eats the old jobs it will have to create new ones too.

Yes, I agree that technology will cause the delivery of legal services to altered, that legal services will be delivered more effectively and more efficiently … and perhaps even less expensively.
But, the real gravamen of the lawyer’s work is the analysis of the issues at hand, understanding the real needs and wants (not necessarily the same things) of the client and achieving the desired result.  The desired result is hardly ever the result of technology … it still requires the mental acumen of the lawyer!

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