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Are your fees reasonable?

Posted in Management, Marketing
MyCase features my guest blog post suggesting that there is plenty of work for those lawyers willing to be realistic both in the nature of the clients they serve and the fees they charge. While you’re at their web site, check out their software. It has been reviewed by many and is well – regarded.… Continue Reading

Law Firm Fees & Compensation

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The three main components of being a lawyer are getting work, doing the work, and getting paid for the work. However, many lawyers do not sufficiently understand this all-important third part. Make sure you get the proper compensation for all of your hard work!… Continue Reading

Lawyers fees are capped

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management
Wisconsin is in the news again. A lawyer, who promoted himself as the "king of lemon law," won a judgment for $12,500 against an auto dealership for unauthorized repairs and an award of attorney’s fees of $150,000.  The Republican-controlled legislature was so incensed that they adopted a law (and signed by the governor) limiting attorney’s… Continue Reading

Raising Legal Fees

Posted in Videos
Ed recognizes that raising your legal fees just doesn’t "fly". This week, he offers some tips to raise the revenue of your firm without necessarily raising your fees.… Continue Reading

Collecting Your Fee mentioned

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances
Don Downey graciously mentioned our book, Collecting Your Fee: Getting Paid from Intake to Invoice (ABA 2003) with the following comment:  “… a client who genuinely respects you and the work you did will pay your bill in a timely manner.” ED Poll (2003) In meeting Ed a few years ago and having the opportunity… Continue Reading