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It’s not rocket science

Posted in Management
Some law firms are late to the starting gate.  Some firms continue to hang on to the "old ways" of running their practice.  There are only a few alternative paths: Hang on with the old and wait for the world to catch up, or change as the world changes, making the tough decisions on a… Continue Reading

Professional Competence requires Technology Proficiency

Posted in Management, Technology
Visiting ALM LegalTech conference today was eye popping in both its simplicity and complexity. First, the simple:  D. Casey Flaherty, corporate counsel at Kia Motors America, suggests that law firms don’t need more software. They need to use their existing software more efficiently and effectively. What a concept. Reminds me of the scientists’ suggesting that… Continue Reading

Are your fees reasonable?

Posted in Management, Marketing
MyCase features my guest blog post suggesting that there is plenty of work for those lawyers willing to be realistic both in the nature of the clients they serve and the fees they charge. While you’re at their web site, check out their software. It has been reviewed by many and is well – regarded.… Continue Reading

Feeling overwhelmed?

Posted in Management
“I’m so overwhelmed, I just don’t have time to take care of myself.”  Those were the first and last words of a very short conversation I had recently with an obviously harried lawyer. Do you feel the same way? Are you in the same position?  See our newsletter for suggestions on how to address this… Continue Reading

Virtual lawyers in trouble?

Posted in Management, Technology
Virtual veterinarian faces a legal test in Texas. He moved his practice online and talked to distressed pet owners by email and telephone. He charged a flat fee, generally, and recommended treatment options. The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners suspended his license for violating the state law that prevents veterinarians from setting up… Continue Reading

Pricing contract lawyers

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management
Are contract lawyers an expense or a fee item?  This issue has been litigated before and, according to my reading, has been resolved in favor of the law firm. The law firm is entitled to engage contract or temporary lawyers for one price and charge the client a higher price. One rationale for this is… Continue Reading

Lawyers for sale

Posted in Cash Flow - Finances, Management, Marketing
In today’s Wall Street Journal, the writer suggests that high priced lawyers are for sale, that is, that clients are pushing back and demanding lower fees irrespective of the stated hourly rates of their lawyers. The reporter’s perspective is skewed only to the larger law firms, “Big Law.”  Small firm and sole practitioners have always… Continue Reading

Partner Bleed

Posted in Management
Once again, the issue of large law firm partners being terminated by their firms arises. In today’s Wall Street Journal, the moral of the story is that lawyers must contribute to the well-being of their firm. If they don’t, they will be terminated irrespective of whether they are a partner (equity interest) or an associate… Continue Reading

Multitasking ain’t

Posted in Management, Personal Thoughts
In a recent USA Today article, texting and music listening while driving and walking are leading to an increase in the death of pedestrians. People are still talking on the phone and texting while driving, despite the statistics that prove it can be deadly and despite it being against the law. But now, we have… Continue Reading

Preserving social media

Posted in Management, Technology
In an earlier blog post, I talked about creating a digital estate plan.  A family law attorney speaks of preserving what you already have posted in social media. She suggests that taking down what you have posted in advance of litigation, family law or otherwise, may be the destruction of evidence and a crime! There… Continue Reading

Digital estate plan

Posted in Management, Technology
I’ve talked about a lawyer having an estate plan. I’ve talked about creating an estate plan for your law practice; this is an idea first generated by Ellen Peck, retired judge of the California State Bar Trial Court. Now, there is another estate plan to prepare: Digital. What are you going to do with all… Continue Reading

Lawyers’ fiduciary responsibility to partners

Posted in Management
Yesterday, I watched the Richard Gere film, Aribtrage. The film portrays a successful billionaire’s moral decline as he attempts to save his failing company from his poor decisions. He "cooks" the company books by borrowing money that is not shown on the books as such in order to keep up appearances in order to complete… Continue Reading

Technology drives new client service dynamic

Posted in Management, Technology
Electronic and computer technology enable lawyers to do more and better work in less time, but this creates a new service dynamic where clients continually demand to pay less for what they increasingly see as a commoditized service. Law firms must meet client needs through greater technology efficiencies. Not only does this seem obvious, it… Continue Reading