BLOG — A web log

The Blog tool, created by Six Apart, a company in Northern California, is a classic business case. Started by a married couple, the blog almost stayed as a hobby or personal toy. Only because the couple (both of whose fathers are lawyers) were accused of having little or no ambition, did they focus and are now succeeding well beyond their original concepts.

“The weblog has now reached the point in the cultural life cycle where the word is on everybody’s lips, even if most people aren’t sure what it is.”

Using a web log/blog can be a powerful marketing tool. And it can be a fabulous learning tool. When done right by lawyers, a blog is more than a personal journal but not an electronic brochure. Blogs are creating a unique niche.

Target your market, be specific in your blog postings, be frequent and your market will learn what your value to them can be and why they need you and your services. Blogs, like all other marketing tools, must be considered in light of your entire marketing strategy, not isolated by itself.

Happy blogging!


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