The food industry as a model for lawers!

The restaurant industry can teach lawyers a great deal. A recent article suggests that waitresses and waiters can increase their tips significantly (and increase repeat business) by using a few very simple, but effective techniques.

In fact, there is a website in which Cornell University associate professor Michael Lynn discusses his findings that: 1) casually touching customers increases tips for both male and female servers, 2) touching increases tips more when waitresses touch female customers compared with male diners, and 3) touching increases tips of younger customers more than old.

While not all his findings are transferable or applicable to the legal profession, many are. Basic friendliness, courtesy and consideration go a long way to increase client-attorney effectiveness, increase revenue, repeat business and referrals.

Watch your server the next time you’re in a restaurant. When treated well by your server, think about how you can incorporate his/her skills in your practice. When treated poorly, compare those actions with how you and your office staff interact with your clients. Are there lessons there that you can use?


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