Big Brother Watching — Again?

Ann Althouse discusses BuzzMetrics and the revelation that there is software available to track public opinion.

I like her analysis but wonder how this is different from Megatrends and the related work of John Naisbitt? He did the same thing — monitor public opinion — to develop his trends analyses. Now, more of us can do the same thing more quickly and precisely.

This reminds me of my Mother’s admonition (I’m sure paraphrasing some other genius): A secret stays secret only when you don’t tell anyone else. Once you blurt out your thought, it’s no longer a secret and the world has access to your thought.

Or, as a law professor of mine said: Be serious and straight on the record in a deposition; don’t tell a joke or say anything that is off the path of your strategy and tactics in the matter. It will never read back to a jury with the humor or intent you heard “live” and may just appear sarcastic or, worse, flippant, casting a bad light on you and the seriousness of your client’s matter.


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