Collecting Your Fee just sent me an email to say that they have only one copy left of Collecting Your Fee: Getting Paid from Intake to Invoice, a very popular publication of the ABA.

Though they also say in fine print that there are more copies en route, I think this is a very clever way of marketing. Create scarcity and people will want more, so the theory goes.

That reminds me of my law school teaching that said that our office should be filled with files; that way, prospective clients will think we’re busy. If they think we’re busy, then we must be good and in demand. If that’s the case, then they need to hire us for their problems because only the best will do.

Of course, the counter to that is that because we’re so busy, we won’t have enough time to pay attention to their matter. And, we, based on the complaints of clients all over the country, feed into this by failing to return phone calls and otherwise ignoring common sense rules of client service.

Client service is an essential ingredient to repeat business and referrals … and the lack thereof is the number one reason for clients leaving their lawyer. Thus, this is important … but only if you want to grow your practice!


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